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Plot Summary 1

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Sep. 19th, 2006 | 04:57 pm
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posted by: serenitymod in tmserenity

Plot Summary of gameplay thus far, May-September 2006
Gametime: Two weeks in early July of 2519
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Part One June 30- July 3rd The crew lands on Persephone. Inara attends the Ball with Fess. Mal finds work from Badger
and Harrow. Atherton and Saffron plot with Niska. Serenity takes off and flies to Athens. Harken is tasked to look for Serenity.

Part Two July 4th - 9th Serenity trades sheep for jewels and stops for a little R&R. Ath and Saff miss Serenity on Athens but catch up at the fuel station, kidnap Mal, and turn him (and Saff) over to Niska. Harken captures Serenity and decides to rescue Reynolds from Niska. The Operative rescues the Crew from Harken. Niska is killed.
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