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TM Serenity

Committing Crime in Joss Whedon's Firefly Universe

The Movie Serenity RP
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All Members
Notice: This comm is renamed The Movie Serenity. Gameplay starts in August of 2007. Anyone seriously interested in playing a very well developed character is invited to email me at drsimontam at livejournal dot com and get in on the planning stages of this game.

Starting Point - The second the Big Damn Movie ended.

Canon - Simon and Kaylee are in a relationship.
River is the pilot with Mal as back-up.
Wash, Book, and Universe are dead.
Inara is on the ship.

Also canon - All our favorite bad guys, good guys, allies, and enemies are still out there.

From that point, anything can change or happen!

Comm rules and guidelines to follow.

Updated 2/13/07 Crew and Cast Membership is now open .
Players we HAVE

  • Dr. Simon Tam


    We have a handful of NPC accounts for these, but it would be really cool if they were each developed and played fully. Since there is a good list of these characters, original characters are not accepted at this time.

Players we NEED

  • Malcolm Reynolds

  • Inara Serra

  • Jayne Cobb

  • River Tam

  • Zoë Washburne

  • Hoban "Wash" Washburne

  • Kaywinnit Lee "Kaylee" Frye


  • Saffron

  • Adelei Niska

  • Fess Higgins

  • Alliance Commander Harken

  • Badger

  • Bester

  • The Councilor

  • Hands of Blue

  • Sir Warwick Harrow

  • Magistrate Higgins

  • The Operative

  • Patience

  • Atherton Wing

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me

Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me

There's no place I can be
Since I found Serenity
But you can't take the sky from me...

This comm WILL contain Adult Rated Explicit Material. Do not read if you are underage or offended by slash, het, or violence. Rules and guidelines are undergoing a major revamp to avoid the craziness this game has had in the past. Our RP was fun and good so it stays here at this comm and is considered an AU.

Community Rules (The fine Print) Feel free to mock and point out any stupidities I've presented.

I) Membership -
Membership is restricted to game characters only, though you should feel free to Friend the comm. We have an OOC watcher's community, tmserenityooc where players and non-players are all welcome to fangirl madly, crack jokes, speculate on the state of Jayne's underwear, offer up whacky plots, etc.
Membership is restricted to people 21 and older both to read and write! Don't like this rule? Go make your own comm that doesn't have this rule. Joining the comm implies that you agree with and promise to follow the rules.

a) TM Muses are given first preference and allowed to express that preference within one week. If they don't want to play here, that character is placed in Open Status and added to the Open Character List at the bottom of this User Info.

b) Non TM Muse members must provide the following to apply. Email the mod at drsimontam at livejournal.com with
examples of or links to 3 fics or 3 rps. (Not interested in someone who just saw the show and just created a journal. We want players who are very familiar with writing, with the Firefly universe, and with their character; and who want to PLAY.)

c) ALL MEMBERS must provide contact info which will be added to the flocked Member Contact Info post.

d) Helpful info to include -
Time Zone, Location:
Available play times:
What you want to do with your charrie:
Plot ideas:
Character's sexual orientation and player's level of comfort with relationships:

e) Each player may play at most, two main characters and unlimited minor npc characters. But you must post at least once a week to be considered 'playing' the character. Otherwise, it is up for grabs. Minor characters may come an go. The posting and other rules will be slacker with them.

f) Muses who disappear for a month will be deleted. This comm is for active play and thus you are required to post once a week. (Replies to other threads don't count.) A main comm post that links to a private journal entry does count. If you need a break, take one. Come back when you are refreshed and ready to begin.

f) Other things you'll be deleted for -
-No spamming of any kind will be tolerated. Members who spam the community or other member journals will be removed from the community. Post your crap on tmserenityooc where it can be publicly ridiculed.
-Boorish, rude, offensive behavior. C'mon folks, this is only a game! Start by assuming zero emotional load in the written comment, then call in the mod if it still seems offensive.

II)Play -
a) Be nice, cordial, respectful, and helpful to the other players. I suspect you are attracted to this universe and these characters because you might have a bit of the rugged individualist and the rebel in you. Be aware that the other players do too.

b) Come to the mod if there's a problem, conflict of interest, argument. Email the mod at drsimontam at livejournal.com, YIM is tarot108, AIM is GrArioch. I want to hear all sides of the problem and then yes, I will issue my imperial decree. This is a benevolent dictatorship, and all players are my beloved and trusted advisors.

c)Try to remember the difference between the character or muse and the player or mun. Stay in character in the main comm. Express thoughts by italicizing them or using the word thought, so other players can tell the difference between what their character actually hears and sees, and what is a hidden internal thought. Don't let your character benefit from your player knowledge of the other characters' thoughts and players' plots.

d) To keep the game moving - Try handwaving (summarize or assume events happened without playing them out.)
FTB - Fade to Black - assume the action of a thread follows through to its logical conclusion.
Summarize and move on!

e) If you can't communicate with other players, OOC comments deleted later, or OOC comments within the thread are fine.

f) Please use TAGS
open - thread is open to all players
closed - thread is open only to players specified, or not open at all
active - thread is active and waiting for replies
complete - thread is complete. There are no more replies.
Use other tags if you like.

g) Smut warning - Any smut in the first post to a thread goes behind an lj-cut and a warning of NSFW or NC17 or Angrey Red Wombat. (I'm bad about this. Feel free to gently remind me if I forget.) In fact it's probably good to label a thread with any smut in it. That way we know which ones to read first!

h) It's okay to go back and change something if it's not working out the way you want it to. Yes, you can punch Simon, but I don't want you to break his neck and put him in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. It's okay to plot out threads before hand. It's okay to play them out spontaneously.

i) Managing threads (Gacked from http://www.muridae.co.uk/after_survivor/rules.php)
They have a tendency to slow down and get stuck unless everyone is online at more or less the same time, and then they have the tendency to get out of control instead.

When starting a thread that will have more than two or three characters in it, the person to start the thread is designated the default thread moderator. It is that person's job to keep things moving and see that posts are made in a relatively linear fashion. It is also this person's job to be sure that the thread is completed and all loose ends are taken care of. If the thread mod needs to bow out for any reason, please do not leave without designating someone else to step in and cover the job.

The thread mod can manage this as seems best with the group involved. It is perfectly okay to run the conversation via IM and post the results as a single narrative of the entire exchange. Not everyone is on IM, or is comfortable dealing with it though, so use e-mail or a locked post on the comm to figure out what direction you're going in if you need to. The more communication that's done early in the thread, the easier it is on everyone as it continues.

Doesn't matter if the players take turns and post replies that line up neatly, or not. It's up to the players involved in the thread.

j) Please keep posting in one thread the continuous action and conversation taking place there. Start a new thread if there is a change in place, time, or characters or whatever. I never did 'get' that 47 comment rule.

III) Philosophy

a) Joss Whedon expressed some ideas on storytelling in his commentary on the Firefly DVDs. He said that if a character is the automatic master of all situations, there's no story. And that sounds like the perfect definition of a Mary Sue! Joss does horrible things to his characters in the story and they pull through and win because of their wit, courage, and love for each other. I think that's a nice story to tell over and over in different ways. In canon, the characters often snipe at each other and sometimes betray each other. This is great play! and has nothing to do with the player's relationships.

b) The Captain has a natural leadership role in this game. Each character has areas of expertise even if their muns do not. Again, be tactful and help each other out.